Research Skills

Building research skills is an essential part of the career development of a researcher. Our Research Skills Coachings aim to help researchers develop and improve key scientific research skills that will be applied to their own research projects in the academic journey. At IAMT, a vast range of materials have been developed in for of a residential course (this originated as our ‘Team Days I and II during Covid), a course ‘Membrane Materials & Processes Research Masterclass’ (Click here for the course information) offered as an elective to masters students and a proposal writing course ‘Water – Energy – Environment Nexus in a Circular Economy: Research Proposal Preparation’ (Click here for the course information). This portfolio, combined with supervision, offers all researchers at IAMT the opportunity to thrive and become independent and successful researchers, no matter if academia or industry are the chosen career paths.

Research Skills topics
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How to write a PhD proposal

Writing a PhD proposal is a really challenging, yet very rewarding task because you get to write your own project. The RSC 2 aim to help applicants to start writing a PhD proposal.


How to apply for a PhD position

This mini coaching is designed for PhD applicants to increase success through thoughtful high‐quality applications. Naturally this is the process at IAMT, while some insights are transferable.