IAMT Team days

IAMT team days are organized for team building and research skills development.

Forthcoming: Team days II, 27 September - 1 October 2021

Career club

Career club is organized for PhDs and Postdocs as regular group activitites to further skills and keep engaging with relevant topics as well as team interactions.

Session 1: Success and PhDs/Postdocs expectations

Session 2: CV

Session 3: Performance indicators

Session 4: Experience on archery

Session 5: Goal setting & SMLP

Session 6: Peer review

Session 7: Personality test

Session 8: Poster preparation

Session 9: CON/OUTLINE

Session 10: Time management

Session 11: Budgeting

Session 12: Project management

Session 13: Communication


Team days I, St Georgenhof, Schwäbische Alb, 6 - 10, 2020

Research students spending a week in St. Georgenhof, Pfronstetten for team building, and learn research skills.