The Institute for Advanced Membrane Technology (IAMT) @ KIT was established in January 2020 based on the Membrane Technology Department @ IFG which was initiated in March 2014 following the Helmholtz Recruitment Initiative funding secured by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Iris Schäfer.

The vision of IAMT is to contribute to solving societal challenges through outstanding research in the field of membrane material development through to application of membrane processes for water treatment applications.

This is achieved through striving for excellence in research, first class laboratories, a focus on rigorous research methodology, innovative research and career training, passion about solving real life problems, extensive transdisciplinary collaboration with both (inter)national colleagues and industry partners, and bright minds who want to make an important contribution to life.

As academic and publically funded researchers, our primary goal is to generate and share knowledge through publication and training the future generation of research leaders and critical thinkers. Creativity, curiosity, hard work and play, learning success from failure and hopefully some fun during the journey is our ambition.

More than 1000 children die each day due to lacking access to safe water. The health of many more is severely compromised due to increasing natural and anthropogenic water contamination. Membrane technology is experiencing an unprecedented boom in market uptake. Through more energy efficient and robust processes, the technology can be made accessible to all providing both safe water and significantly reduce environmental pollution. Through the effective removal of micropollutants a major contribution towards our future can be made, while coupling with renewable energies ascertains processes that do not further compromise climate change.





Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrea Iris Schäfer
Head of Institute for Advanced Membrane Technology