Institute for Advanced Membrane Technology (IAMT)

Membrane Technology Research

I: Membrane Technology Research Groups  

Novel Membrane Materials


  • New polymers for water applications

  • Nano-composite membranes

  • Catalytic membranes

  • Membrane absorbers

  • Biomimetric membranes

Retention & Fouling Mechanisms


  • Natural organic matter & micropollutant removal

  • Ion removal and desalination mechanisms

  • Speciation and solute-solute interactions in environmental matrices (real waters)

  • Fouling characterization and management

  • Retention, absorption and fouling protocol development


System Development & Applications


  • Renewable energy powered membrane technologies

  • Hybrid processes (e.g. adsorption, nanotechnology, advanced oxidation)

  • Water Reuse & Desalination

  • Membranes in international development

  • Membrane system operation & maintenance


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